Add a payment method


cc_number (required)
The credit card number.
cc_expiration (required)
Credit card expiration date in the format MMYY.
cc_cvv2 (required)
The CVV/CVC code.
first_name (required)
The credit card holder's name as it appears on the credit card.
last_name (required)
The credit card holder's surname as it appears on the credit card.
company_name (optional)
The name of the company holding the credit card.
phone_number (optional)
The phone number associated with this credit card.
email (required)
An email address associated with this credit card.
street_address (required)
The billing address for this credit card.
state (required)
The state or province.
postal_code (required)
The "zip" or postal code.
country (optional)
city (required)

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">
  <payment_method id="1234"/>


Use this method to add a payment method (credit card details) to your account. To update your credit card details call voxel.billing.payments.methods.update. To remove, call voxel.billing.payments.methods.delete, and to pay an invoice call voxel.billing.invoices.pay while specifying the ID returned from this method.

Method Specific Error Codes