Update a payment method


payment_method_id (required)
The ID of the payment method to update or remove.
cc_number (required)
The credit card number.
cc_expiration (optional)
Credit card expiration date in the format MMYY.
cc_cvv2 (optional)
The CVV/CVC code.
first_name (optional)
The credit card holder's name as it appears on the credit card.
last_name (optional)
The credit card holder's surname as it appears on the credit card.
company_name (optional)
The name of the company holding the credit card.
phone_number (optional)
The phone number associated with this credit card.
email (optional)
An email address associated with this credit card.
street_address (optional)
The billing address for this credit card.
state (optional)
The state or province.
postal_code (optional)
The "zip" or postal code.
country (optional)
city (optional)

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">
  <payment_method id="1234"/>


Call this method to update payment method (credit card) details used to pay account invoices.

Method Specific Error Codes