LABS: this method is considered a Labs method and may only be accessed if your account has been granted Labs access. To access Labs methods contact agile-support@internap.com.

This method will allow hAPI clients to generate a chef client and use that client to interact with their chef server.


chef_client (optional)Labs
Name of the chef client to use for authentication against chef.
verbosity (optional)
Verbosity of response. Should be one of "compact", "normal", or "extended".
chef_server (optional)Labs
Device ID of a Chef Server to use in lieu of the default.
client_name (required)Labs
Name of the chef client to manipulate.

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rsp stat="ok">
          <private_key>-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----


If you want to see the private key for the chef client you created, you will need to set verbosity to extended and access hAPI through an SSL endpoint.

Method Specific Error Codes

128: Invalid chef client
The chef client provided is invalid. Ensure that the client name is specified correctly.
127: Unknown chef client
The chef client specified was not found in the chef server or its validation key is missing in ubersmith. Use voxel.chef.clients.create to create a new client.
125: Unknown chef server
The chef server specified was not found in ubersmith.