LABS: this method is considered a Labs method and may only be accessed if your account has been granted Labs access. To access Labs methods contact agile-support@internap.com.

This method will allow hAPI clients view the chef clients they created on their chef server.


chef_client (optional)Labs
Name of the chef client to use for authentication against chef.
verbosity (optional)
Verbosity of response. Should be one of "compact", "normal", or "extended".
chef_server (optional)Labs
Device ID of a Chef Server to use in lieu of the default.
client_name (optional)Labs
Name of the chef client to manipulate.

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rsp stat="ok">


This method will only show you chef clients created using voxel.chef.clients.create. You should provide a chef_client with sufficient privileges to read the clients from chef. If you want to see the private_keys for these clients, you will need to connect to hAPI via an SSL endpoint.

Method Specific Error Codes

127: Unknown chef client
The chef client specified was not found in the chef server or its validation key is missing in ubersmith. Use voxel.chef.clients.create to create a new client.
125: Unknown chef server
The chef server specified was not found in ubersmith.