List all reporting metrics associated with a device.


device_id (required)
Numeric Voxel device id, available from voxel.devices.list

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">
        <metric name="apache_total_usage"/>
        <metric name="mysql_slave_status"/>
        <metric name="mysql_dms_profile"/>
        <metric name="mysql_connection_counts"/>
        <metric name="hdd"/>
        <metric name="memory"/>
        <metric name="load"/>
        <metric name="io"/>
        <metric name="cpu"/>


Get a list of names of matrics available for a specified device. See voxel.devices.list to find the relevant device_id, and voxel.devices.metrics.read to fetch the desired metric data.

Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.