Delete a domain DNS record entry.


domain_record_id (required)
Domain record id of a Voxel DNS record entry, available from voxel.dns.records.list
domain_name (required)
Full domain name, without any protocol prefixes (e.g., "http://").

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>


The domain_name parameter identifies a set of domain records belonging to a particular customer. The actual record to be deleted should be specified by the "domain_record_id parameter obtained from voxel.dns.records.list, not the "domain_name" parameter.

If you would like to completely stop having Voxel manage a particular set of domain names, contact agile-support@internap.com for assistance.

See also voxel.dns.records.create, voxel.dns.records.list, and voxel.dns.records.update.

Method Specific Error Codes

107: Unknown domain record
The domain_record_id passed in can't be matched to a valid Voxel DNS record for this user.
204: Domain action failed (reason)
An error occurred while performing an action on a domain. A reason may be specified in parenthesis.