LABS: this method is considered a Labs method and may only be accessed if your account has been granted Labs access. To access Labs methods contact agile-support@internap.com.

This method will update a container in the tenant space with provided metadata.


container (required)
Name of the container in Voxfiles
public (optional)
(true/false) If set to true makes a container url publically accessible without the use of an auth-token.
web_index (optional)
Name of the file/object in the continer to use for default index.html when viewing a container in a browser.
web_error (optional)
Name of the file suffix to use to display HTTP errors using custom error files. In example, if this is set to error.html, then for a 404 error swift will look for an object named 404error.html in the container.
web_css (optional)
Name of the CSS stylesheet file/object in the container to use for custom directory listing of a container.
web_listings (optional)
(true/false) If set to true, a public container url will display an index of files in a web browser.

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <rsp stat="ok" />


This method will contact the voxfiles server and act on behalf of the user. It will update a container in the tenant space with the given metadata info

Method Specific Error Codes

116: Container Not Found
The passed in Container was not found on the server.