LABS: this method is considered a Labs method and may only be accessed if your account has been granted Labs access. To access Labs methods contact agile-support@internap.com.

This method will return a url and token which may be used to download an object on the voxFILES server.


container (required)
Name of the container in Voxfiles
object (required)
Name of the object in Voxfiles.

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rsp stat="ok">
  <object name="test.html">
      <field name="Last-Modified">Fri, 10 Aug 2012 20:37:56 GMT</field>
      <field name="Etag">29a948f72e01cd5689fdbc224961fe26</field>
      <field name="Accept-Ranges">bytes</field>
      <field name="Content-Length">96</field>
      <field name="Content-Type">text/html</field>
      <field name="X-Trans-Id">txa22f1d027cf74c72b42f37f15c4012c6</field>


This method will contact the voxFILES server and return information about an object in the specified container.

Method Specific Error Codes

117: Object Not Found
The passed in Object was not found on the server.
116: Container Not Found
The passed in Container was not found on the server.