Add a hAPI user to a customer account


username (optional)
The name the user will use to login to Voxel's web portal. Leave blank to create a hAPI-only user.
password (optional)
The password a new user will use to login to Voxel's Portal.
first_name (optional)
The first name of the user.
last_name (optional)
The surname of the user.
description (optional)
A short description of this user.
phone_number (optional)
A phone number that can be used to contact this user.
email (optional)
The email address of the user.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">


This method adds new hAPI and Voxel Portal users to an account. All portal users are hAPI users, but it is possible to add a hAPI user that does not have portal access. To add a hAPI-only user, don't specify a username. To view a newly created user, see voxel.hapi.users.list. To update existing users, see voxel.hapi.users.update.

Method Specific Error Codes