Obtain information about the hAPI version with which you're interacting.


verbosity (optional)
Verbosity of response. Should be one of "compact", "normal", or "extended".
method_name (optional)
Restrict method-related output to this specific method

Example Response

<version value="1.0">
    <endpoint secure="no" stable="no">http://api.voxel.net/</endpoint>
    <endpoint secure="yes" stable="no">https://api.voxel.net/</endpoint>
    <endpoint secure="no" stable="yes">http://api.voxel.net/version/1.0/</endpoint>
    <endpoint secure="yes" stable="yes">https://api.voxel.net/version/1.0/</endpoint>
    <method name="voxel.hapi.version">


This method returns various kinds of information about hAPI itself. At every verbosity level, a list of endpoints for the hAPI version is returned; the "secure" attribute indicates whether the endpoint is SSL-enabled; the "stable" attribute indicates whether the endpoint may point to a different hAPI version in the future (stable=no), or whether the endpoint is fixed to this hAPI version (stable=yes).

A list of all methods available to the calling user is also returned; the output may vary depending on the caller. If method_name is set, only the details for the requested method are returned. If verbosity=compact is set, only the list of available method names is returned. When verbosity=normal (the default), the list of categories to which the method belongs, as well as the list of actions the method performs on those categories, is returned. (Categories and actions are used to determine access rights.) If verbosity=extended is set, the output contains the complete documentation for the methods, including a brief description; a parameter list; error codes specific to the method; an example response (as CDATA because some examples contain annotation); and notes about the method (also as CDATA, but generally formatted as HTML).

Additionally, if verbosity=extended, a list of all possible method categories with descriptions is returned, along with a list of general hAPI error codes and descriptions.

Method Specific Error Codes