Unassign an IP address from a server or VM.


device_id (required)
Numeric Voxel device id, available from voxel.devices.list
ip_address (optional)
The specific address to assign. Must be from one of the VLANs valid at the requested facility.
ip_assignment_id (optional)
The id of an IP assignment.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>


Generally, either one of ip_assignment_id or ip_address should be specified. An ip_assignment_id is available from the output of voxel.devices.list at any time, or voxel.ips.assign when the assignment is first made. The ip_address parameter may be a single IP address (e.g.,; or a CIDR-format IP address range (e.g.,, in which case any addresses within the range will be unassigned (e.g., if ip_address= then will be unassigned but will not). If neither ip_address nor ip_assignment_id is specified, all IP assignments will be removed from the specified device.

Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.