Update the information of a ticket.


subject (optional)
The subject of the ticket.
ticket_id (required)
A number identifying a support ticket. See voxel.support.tickets.list.
type (optional)
ticket type, can have the value among: Open, OnHold, Closed, Deleted.
priority (optional)
ticket priority, can have one value among: low, normal, high, 911.
assignment (optional)
Assigned user ID.
cc (optional)
Carbon-copy; similar to 'recipient'.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>


Update the details of a support ticket, including the following fields: the ticket type, the ticket subject, type, priority, assignment, cc. For updating, at least one of above fields has to be provided along with the ticket_id. You need to have the authorization to update the ticket.

Method Specific Error Codes