Add an "allow" or "deny" directive for this VoxCAST configuration.


device_id (required)
Numeric Voxel device id, available from voxel.devices.list
location_id (required)
A location_id from voxel.voxcast.ondemand.locations.list identifying the origin and path to configure.
host (required)
The (partial) IP address, CIDR, or (partial) domain name for which we would like to provide or restrict access. Domain names can only be used when type=referrer. To allow from all, "host=all" can also be used. If type=referrer, "host=empty" can be used to allow or deny the case where no Referer header is set.
allow (required)
either "true" or "false." True means to allow the specified host, False means to deny.
type (required)
Type of access control ("host" or "referrer")

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>



Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.
201: Device action failed (reason)
An error occurred while performing an action on a device. A reason may be specified in parenthesis.