Gets the status of an asynchronous VoxCAST transation.


transaction_id (required)
Transaction id assigned by previous request, e.g., voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.populate or voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.purge_file

Example Response



An asynchronous VoxCAST transaction is a hAPI transaction that must communicate with one, several, or all of the VoxCAST CDN nodes on the backend. These transactions are rate-limited and otherwise managed to ensure VoxCAST's performance is unaffected. The method call that generates the transaction returns the type of the transaction (e.g., "remove-url" or "populate"); a unique identifier which can be used with voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.transaction_status; and an expiration date in Unix timestamp format, after which data about the transaction will be discarded. The status of a transaction is currently one of "inprogress", "fail", or "done". Important note: currently, voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.transaction_status tracks only whether the transaction has been successfully distributed to each of the necessary VoxCAST nodes, not whether the transaction has been completed on those nodes. You may need to wait several seconds after the transaction reports "done" before the operation is complete, depending on the complexity of the operation (e.g., a call to voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.purge_file or voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.purge_site should be quick; a call to voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.purge_directory may take longer depending on the size of the directory; and a call to voxel.voxcast.ondemand.content.populate depends on the sizes of the objects being pulled from the origin server). This method will be adjusted in the future to more accurately reflect the real status of the transactions.

Method Specific Error Codes