Change the format of VoxCAST request logs.


compression (required)
gzip or none
type (required)
w3c or combined
log_field_n (optional)
log_field_0->log_field_n, the fields that should be logged in the order they should be written to the log file. See voxel.voxcast.ondemand.logs.fields.list

Example Response

 <rsp stat="ok" />


This method updates the format in which VoxCAST requests will be written to log files. Use voxel.voxcast.ondemand.logs.fields.list to obtain the list of valid fields and voxel.voxcast.ondemand.format.read to view the results of your update. Log fields passed to this methood are indexed starting with "0." For example, the first log field would be set with the parameter log_field_0.

Method Specific Error Codes