Modify VoxCAST request logging settings.


max_history (required)
Maximum number of days to keep old log files. Must be between 1 and 7.
interval_size (required)
Maximum number of minutes of request data to store in a single log file. Must be between 1 and 1440 (between one minute and one day).

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>


This method updates the maximum history and interval size for VoxCAST log files. To view the current settings see voxel.voxcast.ondemand.logs.settings.list.

To update the format of the log files see voxel.voxcast.ondemand.logs.format.update. To view the set of log files currently available for download see voxel.voxcast.ondemand.logs.list.

WARNING: You should backup old log files before changing your log settings.

Method Specific Error Codes