Create a new VoxCAST site.


server_name (optional)
This is an optional label that becomes part of the domain for a CDN site. It must only contain characters valid as part of a domain name, and must not contain periods. The resulting site domain will be of the form VOXEL_ID-(server_name).voxcdn.com. Server aliases can be added separately.
cache_by_hostname (optional)
If set to "true," Voxel will store cache objects by hostname instead of by device. Defaults to "false."

Cache Expiration Settings

cache_default_expire (optional)
Default expiration time of a cached file, in seconds (max 2^32). Defaults to 86400.
cache_store_queries_default_expire (optional)
Use default expiration time when no "Expires" header is sent for a URL with a query string.

Cache Hit Optimizations

cache_ignore_token_name (optional)
Ignore this parameter and everything after it in the query string when doing cache lookups; you must include a value, e.g., "mytoken=ignore"
cache_rm_consec_slashes (optional)
If this is set to "false," consecutive slashes in url paths will be maintained when looking for objects in our cache. Defaults to "true."
preserve_on_revalidation_error (optional)
If set to "false," expired cache content will be removed even if the origin is unavailable. Defaults to "true," which preserves expired content in such situations.

Cache Overrides

cache_ignore_client_auth (optional)
If set to "true," ignore "Authorization" header in determining cacheability (must be "true" for S3 origins). Default value is "false."
cache_ignore_headers (optional)
Space separated list of headers that should not be stored in the cache.
cache_disable_cookie_string (optional)
Disable caching for requests with cookies that contain this string.
preserve_hostname_to_origin (optional)
Set the "Host:" header to be the same as the CDN Virtual Host instead of setting it to the origin hostname. For example, if a request is made to the CDN for "1234.voxcdn.com" with origin "origin.example.com," normally the request to the origin will use "Host: origin.example.com." If this option is set to true, we would make the request to the origin using "Host: 1234.voxcdn.com" (we will "preserve" the hostname that was used when requesting from the CDN).
proxy_use_error_overrides (optional)
If this is set to the default value of "true," and an error document is defined, always use it when serving error responses. If set to "false," configured error documents will only be used to serve responses for Voxel internal errors; error responses coming from the origin server will be preserved.

Progressive Streaming Settings

media_start_token (optional)
FLV progressive seek: name for parameter holding start offset for seeks.
media_stop_token (optional)
FLV progressive seek: name for parameter holding stop offset for seeks.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>
            <site device_id="1234"/>



Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.
201: Device action failed (reason)
An error occurred while performing an action on a device. A reason may be specified in parenthesis.