Clone an existing VoxCLOUD VM.


device_id (required)
Numeric Voxel device id, available from voxel.devices.list, of the VM to clone. Device must be a VoxCLOUD VM.
hostname (required)
Hostname for the new device. This must contain only letters, numbers, dashes, and dots, and must begin/end with a letter or number. The use of a fully qualified domain name is recommended.
processing_cores (optional)
Number of processing cores to allocate to the VM. Must be a positive integer. Maximum value depends on the account type; contact Voxel if you need assistance.
postinstall_script (optional)
Postinstall script to be run after a VoxSTRUCTURE device is successfully provisioned. Must contain the complete contents of the script to be run.

Authentication Settings

console_password (optional)
Password for remote console. A password must be at least five characters, must contain a number, an upper case letter, and cannot be based on dictionary words. If a password is not specified, one will be generated for you automatically. Available in voxel.devices.list.

Network Settings

backend_ip (optional)
Backend IP address to assign to the VoxSTRUCTURE device --- must be chosen from the customer's private VLAN assignment.
frontend_ip (optional)
Public-facing IP address to assign to the VoxSTRUCTURE device --- must be chosen from the customer's public VLAN assignment.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">


This method will clone an existing VoxCLOUD virtual machine. The new VM will be an exact duplicate of the existing VM at the time of cloning. Currently, the clone can only be created in the same datacenter facility as the original.

Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.
110: Incorrect device type
This device is of a type different than required by this method.
401: Customer VoxSTRUCTURE quota reached
According to quotas, the customer may not allocate more devices of the desired type. Contact agile-support@internap.com for help adjusting quotas.
206: Failed acquiring resource
A resource required to perform the action could not be obtained. Please try again or contact Voxel for assistance.
129: Invalid chef runlist
The chef runlist specified is invalid. A valid runlist should be of the form: recipe[ops::mongo],role[ntp_dev1]
130: Unknown chef node
The chef node specified is invalid. Ensure that the node name is specified correctly.
128: Invalid chef client
The chef client provided is invalid. Ensure that the client name is specified correctly.
124: Unknown chef environment
The chef environment specified was not found in the chef server.
127: Unknown chef client
The chef client specified was not found in the chef server or its validation key is missing in ubersmith. Use voxel.chef.clients.create to create a new client.
125: Unknown chef server
The chef server specified was not found in ubersmith.