Delete a VoxCLOUD VM, irrevocably. All the VM's data will be discarded.


device_id (required)
Numeric Voxel device id, available from voxel.devices.list


no_chef_cleanup (optional)Labs
Prevent hapi from removing chef node and client data on delete (should be either "true" or "false").
chef_client (optional)Labs
Name of the chef client to use for authentication against chef.

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok"/>


This method will completely deallocate a VM instance, permanently destroying the device and any associated data. Be sure you are careful in calling this method: it is irrevocable.

Method Specific Error Codes

100: Unknown device
The device_id passed in can't be matched to a valid device.
110: Incorrect device type
This device is of a type different than required by this method.
206: Failed acquiring resource
A resource required to perform the action could not be obtained. Please try again or contact Voxel for assistance.
501: User needs Labs access
This method may only be accessed by customers who have been granted Voxel Labs access. Contact agile-support@internap.com for details.