List VoxSERVER inventory available for provisioning.


facility (optional)
Datacenter facility code, available via voxel.voxcloud.facilities.list or voxel.voxservers.facilities.list.
configuration_id (optional)
Hardware configuration identifier; unique to a particular VoxSERVER hardware configuration.
verbosity (optional)
Verbosity of response. Should be one of "compact", "normal", or "extended".

Example Response

<rsp stat="ok">
    <facility label="LGA7">
      <configuration id="1" summary="1x Quad-core 2.5Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1x320GB SATA, 2x1Gbit">
        <processor count="1">
          <configuration number_of_drives="1">
            <drive position="1">


This method will list all VoxSERVER configurations available for provisioning at each facility. Configurations will only be listed if at least one server of that configuration is available for provisioning at the facility. The output includes verbose details of the hardware for each configuration; passing verbosity=compact eliminates full details from the output. Passing configuration_id or facility filters output to include only matching entries.

Method Specific Error Codes